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George Riney

George Riney

Chicago, IL


About the Artist…..George E. Riney

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, George’s artistic talents were recognized at an early age. He became a student of art and continued his education at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While there, George became intrigued with furniture design. He graduated with a degree in interior design in 1968 and was promptly drafted for Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, George painted names and cartoon characters on 105 Howitzers, giving each one its own personality. After returning to the states from Vietnam, George started painting more seriously using acrylics as his medium.

After Vietnam, George entered the furniture business. Realizing that most people could not envision a completed room, George drew upon his artistic talents and would draw interior renderings for clients. He did this as a salesman for Kroehler Furniture; as a designer and manufacturer of furniture for his own company; and ultimately at his retail furniture store in Hinsdale, Illinois. George attributes much of his success to helping the clients visualize a completed room before they ever bought.

With encouragement from his clients, George started drawing not only interiors of homes but the exteriors as well. He provided them with landscaping renderings, which allowed the customer to visualize the end result prior to spending thousands of dollars.

As word spread of his talents, builders and homebuyers would ask George for his opinions on real estate, before they ever built or purchased a property. In the case of builders – he would draw a rendering of the house to show the builder/rehabber/homebuyer what the house could look like upon its completion – including landscaping before an offer was submitted. His consultation with the client allowed them to not only visualize a completed project but also facilitated them in making an offer.

In 2000, George decided to phase out of the retail furniture/accessories store. It was time for a new challenge. George now works as a consultant to clients who need assistance with their interiors and exteriors, including landscaping. He nourishes his entrepreneurial spirit by studying companies, their products, their top management and the market and subsequently day trading stocks.

George has always continued to paint and sold many of his paintings in his retail store. After he and his wife, Pamela moved to the city of Chicago, George became inspired by his surroundings. He truly believes that Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. George finds the lake – intriguing; the creative botanical arrangements found throughout the city – magnificent; and the attention-to-detail used in developing such grand architecture – awe inspiring. His paintings are “impressionistic”. They convey vivid color that lures you into the abstract imagery of all the beauty he sees in and around Chicago.

Many weekends are spent in New Buffalo, Michigan, where he witnesses the city from the “other side”. Thus many of George’s paintings provide the viewer with his interpretation of the city from the “other side” of the lake. He now shows and sells his work at The Villager and The Villager’s Frisky Frog in the heart of New Buffalo, Michigan.

George’s paintings are at Penny’s Noodles at Diversey and Sheffield. He is on a rotation schedule at Argo Tea at various locations in Chicago – currently at Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue, Merchandise Mart and State and Randolph (in the theater district).

George’s artistic talents also include photography. He loves capturing beauty and interesting subject matter. He has photographed many countries and local attractions, but he is most interested in what he has titled “Chicago’s Other Side”. George has a deep compassion for the less fortunate and sees that as a complete contrast to all the beauty the world has to offer. Through his photography of “Chicago’s Other Side”, it is George’s hope that the public develops an awareness of the less fortunate – that the public can feel and identify with the people in need. It is truly his hope that his photography can create more compassion in giving to the less fortunate while enjoying “the City of Lights”. Email: Phone: 312-320-5856 - artist - George Riney – view available paintings


Down the River by George Riney


Mackinaw at the Turn by George Riney


Oak Street Beach from the Outer Drive by George Riney


On the Curve Navy Pier Chicago by George Riney


Last Boat Docked by George Riney


Sunset in the City by George Riney


Wild Flowers on the Shore by George Riney


Relaxing Offshore by George Riney


The End of Summer by George Riney


Mountain of Many Colors by George Riney


Seven Sails to Win by George Riney


Spring Dreams by George Riney


Daisy and Glads by George Riney


Brilliant Florals by George Riney


Quinn's Coffee House - SOLD by George Riney


Candy Cove - SOLD by George Riney


The Pier - SOLD by George Riney


Looking Over the City's Park by George Riney


Wrigleyville Devil Dawgs - SOLD by George Riney


Water's Edge by George Riney


Chicago at it's Best by George Riney


Strong Winds by George Riney


Ride High by George Riney


Resort Living by George Riney


Wicker Park Devil Dawgs - SOLD by George Riney


Flowers in the Park - SOLD by George Riney


Beach House by George Riney


City Lights - SOLD by George Riney


Side by Side - SOLD by George Riney


Series 1 - Chicago Brat - SOLD by George Riney


Series 1 - Chicago Chili Dog - SOLD by George Riney


Series 1 - Chicago Dog - SOLD by George Riney


Sailing South - SOLD by George Riney


The Docks by George Riney


A Hot Summer Day.- SOLD by George Riney


Sailing with Friends - SOLD by George Riney


Fish to the Top by George Riney


Racing to the Limits - SOLD by George Riney


Oak Street Beach Chicago II -SOLD by George Riney


Shallow Water - sold by George Riney


Great Day in Chicago - SOLD by George Riney


Harbor Shores by George Riney


Cottages on the Bay by George Riney


Round Peg by George Riney


Ferris Wheel Ride by George Riney


Belmont Turn by George Riney


Sailing Together - Sold by George Riney


Belmont Turn Magenta Chicago by George Riney